Camp Seminole

Camp Seminole is a 288 acre facility owned by Pushmataha Area Council, Boy Scouts of America.  The camp opened in 1986 and serves all programs of the local Boy Scouts of America, as well as numerous community and civic organizations.


Thousands of people visit the facilities and use the programs of Camp Seminole each year.  Camp Seminole is a valuable resource for education, recreation, and team-building.


Each year, Camp Seminole houses out-of-state teams who come to Oktibbeha County to help build Habitat For Humanity homes.   During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation, Camp Seminole served as a refuge for those fleeing the ravaged coastal areas.  Countless local men and women in the service of our nation have honed their rappelling and land navigation skills on the grounds of Camp Seminole.


While Camp Seminole began as (and still primarily serves as) our scouts and volunteer leaders home for dozens of Scouting activities every year, Camp Seminole has become an integral part of community life in the Golden Triangle and the ten counties of the Pushmataha Area Council.