Basic Training

Now that you've made the commitment to serve the youth of your community as a Scout leader, it's time to make sure that the program you are delivering is the best it can be, as well as the program you are supposed to be delivering.  Training helps you keep your promise, and give you the one-on-one experience that no book can offer.

There's  a simple, four step process you can complete that will take you from being a green, inexperienced volunteer to being a trained, prepared Scout leader.

STEP ONE is to create an account at www.MyScouting.Org.   This is the account you will use for your online courses.  (This takes about five minutes to complete.)

STEP TWO is to take two courses at, "This is Scouting" and "Youth Protection".  The BSA will use the information in your account registration and notify our council that you have completed these courses. (This will take less than an hour to complete.)

STEP THREE is to take the online Fast Start training for your specific leadership position.  Again, BSA will notify the council that you have competed this course. (This will take less than an hour to complete.)

STEP FOUR is to attend the council training session for your position.  Once you've completed the council training session, you will be awarded the TRAINED strip for your left sleeve.