YPT Online (How To Do It)

Youth Protection Training (YPT) is required training for every registered adult leader in the BSA.

YPT can be completed online, and it takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Here is a step-by-step guide to completing your Youth Protection Training.

STEP 1 Go to www.MyScouting.Org, and you'll see this screen.

STEP 2 There are three options here for getting into MyScouting.Org.  They are listed below as A, B, or C.  One of these will definitely get you in.

A. I HAVE A USER NAME AND PASSWORD, AND I KNOW WHAT THEY ARE: Go ahead and log in by the letter A.

B. I HAVE A USER NAME AND PASSWORD, BUT I DON'T REMEMBER THEM: That's not unusual.  Click the "Forgot your User Name or Password" link by the letter B. If you get an email with the user name or password you requested, got ahead and log in as described in A.  If you don't get the email with the log-in information (and that can happen),  just go to C.

C. I DO NOT HAVE A USER NAME AND PASSWORD, OR CANNOT RECOVER MY LOG-IN INFO: Create an account using the button beside letter C. You should have your BSA membership number when you do this, the number is on your registration card.  If you don't know your membership number, or you're a new leader and have not yet been assigned a number, go ahead and create your account without the membership number.

STEP 3 Now that you have logged in, you'll see the screen below.  Just click by the red arrow, and complete your YPT.  Save a copy of the certificate at the end, and email it to Lori@Pushmataha.org.  Congratulations!  Your YPT certification is good for the next two years!