Youth Protection Policy Established


Youth Protection TrainingThe Pushmataha Area Council has adopted a Youth Protection Training (YPT) policy.  This policy went into force in November, 2014.The policy can be downloaded from the RESOURCES section on the left side of this page.

BSA National Council requires all registered leaders in the BSA to complete Youth Protection Training, and renew that training every two years.  Since it is up to local councils to enforce this mandate, registered leaders in the Pushmataha Area Council now must meet the national mandate in order to remain registered as a leader in this council.

If you are keeping your YPT current, thank you!  This policy won't impact you one way or the other, since you are keeping your YPT in force.

This policy will have the greatest impact on two groups of leaders.

The first group is brand-new leaders.  In order for the council office to accept the new leader application, the new leader must go to Scouting.Org, create an account, and complete YPT.  The certificate from that completion needs to be attached to the new leader application form before it is sent to the Columbus office.  Please note that a new leader does not have to have a membership number to take the online training.

The second group is registered leaders who have not taken YPT, or who have let their YPT status lapse.  If you have let your YPT lapse, just renew your YPT within 30 days, and fax or email a copy of your YPT certificate to the council office (Fax number is 662-328-7052). If you completed the YPT online using your MyScouting account, BSA should have that renewal attached to your membership record.  Just to be sure, please keep that YPT certificate on hand.

Please note: Registered leaders who are not current with their YPT may not be included on the charter at recharter time.

It is up to all of us to keep our youth safe, and YPT is a great way to keep our awareness sharp.